Loony Tunes World of Mayhem Game is a wonderful game where you had to complete the daily quest and goal to collect a large number of character pieces. You can also participate in the events which will help you to gain your favorite characters into your selected list. In the game, there are two types of feature which you should know and also their difference.

Difference between the tune-up and rank-up

Tune up- with the help of the following feature; one can easily unlock the skills for the character and also one can easily improve them if required. To implement it, it is essential that you should have appropriate material and also for opening the crates, it is essential that you should have the features which send the characters on the expedition.

Rank up- to enhance the grade of the characters these are essential. To use or implement the following feature, it is very important that you should collect a large number of character pieces. You can also use Loony Tunes World of Mayhem Hack 2019 for free. It will help you to gather a large number of character pieces for your play way.

Role of ticket

Tickets have their own role as if you have a lot of tickets, whether it is daily or a golden one, you got some benefit of it. As you can see, the option of the premium, mega, and daily on the home screen bar or on the top corner of your device.

    Premium- to obtain the high-quality rank in the character pieces you can easily use premium option.

    Mega- if you want to obtain the pieces of the character of high rank or the pieces which are very rare, you have to spend at least five golden tickets for that.

    Daily- to obtain the characters for the daily purpose, you can easily use the following option. Here it is not compulsory to acquire the characters of high quality. You can acquire them at a daily level and use it for the daily concept.