Well, Xbox is the best way to play video games to get the best gaming experience. It was launched by Microsoft and in three gaming consoles. The three Xbox consoles are the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. These all types of Xbox consoles are present on various online sources and in the market also which people easily buy accordingly whenever they want.

Another main thing which the gamers should know is that they simply learn all the basic and essential controls or buttons which are present on Xbox controller, before going to make use of it when playing video games. On the Xbox controller, there are lots of buttons and analog sticks present which players have to understand properly and then start making a deal with them to play Xbox.

More about Xbox

There are lots of things also present which the gamers need to know before going to make use of Xbox. One should know that to make the use of Xbox live, one should require a good internet connection. Also, you have to know that to make use of free Xbox live, one should make use of free trial to get the best experience. Now, it’s time to meet with various Xbox apps, so below are the main Xbox apps present –

  • Tubi TV – It is the best popular app of which user makes use when they are suffering on Xbox. The same application is used or watching all types of TV shows in it and also in all languages. Not only is this, but the same app also allows the players to watch movies.
  • Youtube – It is another popular and most used application among all of which users makes use worldwide. It also considered under media based category, and in it, users simply watch all types of media such as songs, movies, and all other things.

So, these are the main apps, and there are many others also present by which gamers simply play Xbox. Also, users simply get the live free Xbox codes and gold code by making the generators in it.