For those who want to try the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats

If anyone has ever told you cheating in a game is bad, they are confused and living in a world where no true gamer ever ventures! Of course, when say cheat, we do not expect you to go about hacking the Dragon Ball Z software and advancing your level…even if that’s possible, that is cheating on a level that only you and other fraudsters would understand. As cheating in the Dokkan Battle might be a strong term, we simply want you to know the tricks and strategies you can employ to make sure you are at the top of the game:

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• You must never make the mistake of choosing a character who has been categorized in the low power category just because you think they look ios cool or have been described very well. The top category is PHY and then INT. You must make sure that your lead character is at this level
• Your supporting characters that form part of your team must be at the same level with the leader or at least at the INT level. Also, Dragon Ball Z will give you bonus points if you match up similar level characters!

• Make sure that your characters have similar sphere colors. It is not a must but it will be helpful when you are facing the enemy! As a rule of thumb, a battle character must be matched to the sphere that is a direct match to their color and thereafter, similar colors can be added to give them a boost!
• The multicolored spheres are there to really give your character a boost. You have to find the ones that match up with your character but use them wisely as they aren’t as straightforward as the plain colored ones.
• You must always remember the red and purple spheres and makes sure to use them when in battle correctly. Using the spheres at the wrong time means defeat.
You can see what we mean by cheats. Mastering this top 5 and keeping them in mind while you are playing the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle game is extremely crucial!

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