Pixel Gun 3D – pixel gun 3d cheats Basic Guide

Action games are always interesting and thrilling. Pixel Gun 3D is an action game that can be played on gaming consoles and the pocket edition is available for smartphone. This is one of the top played games with higher graphics. You will love the fact that this is truly about skills so if someone want to win buy spending money on resources then this isn’t a good option. This is hard in many ways that’s why try to focus on tutorials provided by the developers as this can help in learning many basic things that are important in later stages. In order to win always and assure the victory, this is important step that you should pay attention for. The next thing is to learn the method to collect resources. Coin is important currency but this is common one and gem is premium that is too hard to earn.

How To Battle?

Use your resources and get some good weapons. After this, you should spend a little time on getting awesome weapons. This can help in many ways. Now, this is the time for battle and you can start with survival mode and kill zombies. This is easy to kill them because they don’t have any weapon but don’t let them come near and use backup gun to hit as they are too much near. If you are in play higher levels and going to kill boss then this is easy if you hide and kill all of them using a sniper. This will take time in learning this technique but you can try it out. The survival mode will be helpful in remembering the maps and now, you can kill real players in multiplayer matches. This is completely easy and anyone can get the benefit of this trick as this is easy to learn.

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