The episode choose your story hacks

The episode choose your story game is an interactive game, which can be played in android, and Ios operating systems where it contains a lot of stories with different stories. Where you character can choose to follow and interact with other characters in the game and therefore it is you who decides which stories to choose. the game in the later stages become difficult to play and thus you need hacks ad cheats so that you can play the game effectively, this article will therefore help you on that.

Buy time by playing other stories

In the course of your playing the game, you will be required to do a certain task which may take time before it is completed which may get you annoyed little bit but do not worry patience pays. You just need to turn to other stories ad try playing them in the meanwhile while buying the time for the tasks to be completed. This will buy you time making it possible for you not to be bored while waiting on the game. By playing, other stories you will be able to acquire the gems you need to crack the task in less time, thus you can play other stories to acquire enough gems when you have collected enough gems then get back to the task and use the gems to finish the task quickly.
Use the 2017 episode episode choose your story hack hack cheat
Many are times in the game where you will be required to acquire passes, which you may have depleted, although at the start of the games the passes are free, in the advanced stages of the game you will be required to have the passes. Thus in addition to playing more stories and being dramatic in your stories of choice, you ought to use the 2017 episode hack cheat which is available in the internet to get passes faster episode review and free of charge. This will enable you to get the passes faster and at zero costs and thus minimizing your time, which you use to complete an episode of the game.

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